"But the Sayer of Tales said: ‘I can’t stay. There are places to go and things to see.

But your own minds’ eyes can see their own tales if you let them – and can see more than tales if you let them also.'"

-- Purple Fables 

Ingo Swann's published works

Almost all of Ingo's books have been re-issued as e-books and trade paperbacks and are available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as through numerous other sites.

Eleven of Ingo's books have been re-printed under our own imprint (BioMind Superpowers Books) and three previously unpublished works by Ingo will be released shortly.  Our BioMind books feature covers using Ingo's art....sample covers in the Photo Gallery below.

Crossroad Press has published a select number of Ingo's books as audio-books with more to come.

Ingo's Amazon Page

Star Children

In collaboration with Steven Halpern, Ingo conceived and produced an album entitled Star Children.  This was to be the soundtrack of a movie based on Ingo's best-seller at the time, Star Fire. It is still available for sale.

Star Children Album Info

A select number of Ingo's original printed books are still in stock at IRVA and available for sale