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"But the Sayer of Tales said: ‘I can’t stay. There are places to go and things to see.

But your own minds’ eyes can see their own tales if you let them – and can see more than tales if you let them also.'"

-- Purple Fables 


Most of Ingo's books, and a few new ones, have been released under the BioMind Superpowers Imprint and are available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble plus through numerous other sites.  These books all feature Ingo's art on their covers.

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Star Children

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Each chapter in STAR FIRE begins with lyrics that reference quantum  physics, remote viewing and other juicy topics, composed and sung by the  main character, a rock star who becomes super-psychic and discovers  ominous doomsday weapons that he wants to have both the US and USSR  destroy before they destroy the planet.  

At that point in my career, I had released just three meditative albums.  And yet, Ingo handed me the lyrics to the songs and told me, “I'll be  back in four months. I want you to compose and arrange the songs. Hire  musicians so we can record the album in time to coordinate with the  release date of the book.”

How could Ingo have known that I'd be up to the task? (Could the  character in the book have been somewhat auto-biographical?)  He could  not have known that eight years earlier, I had composed and arranged  several rock and pop songs for my 8 piece band while I was still an  undergraduate at the University of Buffalo (SUNY at Buffalo). More on  that long-lost recording in next month's newsletter.

In any case, I accepted the challenge.  It turned out to be an amazing  experience. If you've only heard my healing music, you may be surprised  by much of this album, which includes elements of rock, pop, disco and  jazz.  There are also, of course, a few meditative interludes that were  to be included, as a way to introduce mainstream movie audiences to my  relaxing and healing compositions.

At the studio I recorded at, I met the leading Bay Area disco band  called Santa Esmeralda, and hired them, minus their lead singer, as the  musicians for the session.  
As we soon discovered, working with Ingo Swann in the studio was a  unique experience. Indeed, after we recorded the blisteringly hot first  song, the guys in the band looked at each other and said, "Whew! What  got into us?"

We turned to see Ingo just smiling a huge Cheshire cat grin.  Although  he wouldn't discuss it with us, it was clear he was beaming each of us  some special energy, and that is part of the magic of this album. It's  much more than just the notes....and it's why I think the music will  take you for a ride on what Ingo calls “the psychic starship.” 

-- Steven Halpern

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This  album was conceived and produced to be the soundtrack of the movie  based on  Ingo Swann's best-seller, Star  Fire.  It was originally  described as "a space-rock-disco-opera" and is guaranteed to get your  body in motion  as it stimulates your mind and soul. Ingo writes: "Hear  the beat from the heart  / of the you thrive." 

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