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Welcome to this database regarding the superpowers of the human biomind.

Certain aspects of the superpower faculties work spontaneously at times, resulting in many historical and modern anecdotes of such experiencing.  It is the long historical record of such experiencing which attests to the factual existence of the indwelling superpower faculties.

There is an important distinction, though, between (1) the spontaneous occurrences, and (2) conscious, cognitive interacting with the superpower faculties. But the historical record of our species shows that various societies tolerant of the superpowers did permit development of various kinds of conscious interacting with them.

While working on government funded projects, beginning in 1973, it became necessary to distinguish new thresholds of understanding. It also became necessary to depart from those concepts of parapsychology and psychical research which had become too generally standardized and a matter of convention rather than of innovative insight.  

It was found that many concepts meaningful to the superpowers were being ignored, others were not understood to be relevant, and gaping holes were discovered regarding important information which needed to be filled in. New and innovating understanding was necessary. 

What came to be known as remote viewing was the central pillar of the research. But this pillar also served as a developmental core regarding information about all of the other superpowers. The active research lasted for about fifteen years -- after which a new "map" of the superpowers could be drawn. 

This map is still tentative, however, because much needs to be added to it, and which many will doubtlessly do as the decades pass on into the future. 

As the noble Aldous Huxley might have put it, here, then, is the beginnings of a Brave New World in this database.

In constructing this database, I have elected not to organize it as a whole nor to determine which topics are more important than others. Very many issues need to be considered, and each of which have their firm place within the larger picture of the superpowers.

And since people are different one from the other and have their own intellectual and experiential viewpoints, I've decided to construct this database as an extensive series of topics and essays for those who want to consider them piecemeal and perhaps find some nuance of understanding.

Real understanding is not possible unless information can be integrated.  Each essay in this database deals piecemeal with a different topic or subject. But eventually those who read them with interest may begin to see how the many piecemeal topics integrate both in terms of  comprehension and of experiencing.

Thanks for accessing this database -- and blessings on you. 

Ingo Swann

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